Thomas Salzano

“Great photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.”

Thomas Salzano

Photography is an art and the photographer is an artist who captures a moment that’s gone forever. “Photographs tell us about the life we are living,” says Thomas Salzano, a renowned photographer.

Photography is all about reflecting the things from the past, converting the ordinary into something very special. Photographs bring life to memories.

For an artisan mind, photography is capturing reality and making it an extension of mind and heart. This website is for rising photographers and souls who admire art and nature. You will find the best alluring photographs, iconic quotes, and elucidated blogs that illuminate snap shooting.

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With the blogs loaded with tips on the latest technologies in the field of photography and using different camera angles and positions, learn about the nitty-gritty of clicking pictures that grab everyone’s eyeballs. Also, you can get professional feedback on your personal work.

Thomas Salzano is passionate about his work and committed to inspiring the budding photographers with his own set of skills, in-depth knowledge and years of experience. Having conducted various workshops on photography, he has found new and better techniques to capture big and small moments, which he loves to share with people.

“The challenges attached with advancements in photography excite me. I love to explore new ways to showcase my passion for photography,” says Thomas Salzano.


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