About Thomas Salzano

Thomas Salzano is a talented photographer and art lover who loves to snapshot Mother Nature. Also, he is a motivational speaker who influences people to capture the best moments of their lives.

His journey as a photographer began at a very young age. His parents were art lovers who ran a small artistic shop in the town. The family was used to going out every weekend to explore the beautiful landscapes of the United States. 

Remarkably, they carried a camera and Thomas was responsible to take photographs. He was always amazed by the beauty and elegance of the images. His love for photography grows with each passing day and today, Thomas is a renowned photographer.

“Travel around the world, be with your loved ones, laugh out loud and capture every moment. When you grow old, you can have the power to relive the giggling moments of your life,” quotes Thomas Salzano.

Thomas Salzano is actively working to motivate aspiring photographers to make their passion a profession. He believes that learning is an ongoing process in the journey of photography, and sharing those learnings with others is where you find your bliss. 

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He loves conducting workshops and motivational sessions to teach people about the attributes of exceptional pictures and about innovative ways to click photos that sell. Thomas Salzano writes numerous blogs for the amateurs on how to become a pro. 

In his blog, you will find some amazing tips on photo editing as well. Thomas Salzano also likes discussing new ideas on photography with peer photographers and encourages them to take up snap shooting and photography challenges with a smile.