Photoshop Techniques Shared By Thomas Salzano to Make Your Pictures POP!

These days photo editing skills and tools play an important role in a photographer’s life is what Thomas Salzano, a professional photographer, feels about photography. Also if you are a photographer then you must be aware of the importance of photoshop techniques to make an image look good.

The new trend of “picture POP” adapted by the photographers has encouraged the aspiring ones to learn this method. Thomas Salzano as a photographer has always encouraged aspiring photographers to learn new techniques especially when it is related to techniques of photoshop.

So for all those who wished to learn the photoshop techniques or were looking for clarity regarding the photoshop techniques for making your images “POP” here are some tips shared by Thomas Salzano that will help you for sure:

The first one is: Blur/ Overlay

Open the image in photoshop and duplicate your picture layer by dragging the layer to a new icon that you will find in the layers palette. (Ctrl+j)

Bow open the filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Make sure that you blur it enough that all the detail disappears but the shapes keep their form.

Now, look at the layers palette and change the blending mode from Normal to “Overlay”.

This technique makes the dark tones darker and the light tones lighter. Actually it softly boosts the contrast. You can also use the “Vivid Light” instead of “Overlay” to get a different effect. 

The second one is: Filtering the Background

For this, first, open the picture in photoshop and duplicate the layer as you did in the first technique.

Now go to Select > Feature or ( Ctrl +alt+d).

If you want a pretty large feature then try 50 pixels. Layer > New > Layer via copy.

The end result should be that it’s just your subject on a new layer.

Now, select the copy below your subject layer and try out the filters.

Filter > Brush Strokes > Dark Stokes or any other of your choice.

The third one is: Neon Glow

Well, almost all the photographers have some insights about the neon glow effects. All you need to do is pick any color that goes well with your shot.

Now, start with a glow size of 4 and the brightness of at least 18, and adjust it as per your shot.

Next is the blending mode “Overlay” and you can also try the modes like soft light, vivid light or the linear light. Photographers like Thomas prefer Vivid and overlay but you can choose as per your shot.

Thomas Salzano

Last one: The Easy Blur

This is the easiest and popular one, especially among the young photographers. You can try this on portraits.

For this, you need to duplicate your layer and apply gaussian. The steps are Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur.

Now set the opacity of the layer to 50%. Now if you want you can make some adjustments.

These are some best and easy image pop photoshop techniques that Thomas Salzano suggest all aspiring photographers try and explore the editing side of photography. For more such tips and techniques you can follow Thomas on social media or visit his blogging website.