Thomas Salzano – 2020 Photography Trends


We live in a world where there is a rapid change in technology and the trend of adapting to the new technology is also high, says Thomas Salzano, a famous photographer. Especially in the photography world both the trend of photography and technology of photography has changed rapidly.

Thomas Salzano feels that now photography has become more user-friendly, creative, and affordable. From phone cameras to professional cameras all have contributed to making a talented photographer. The editing techniques and tools have added an additional spark to the world of photography.

Thomas Salzano Photography Camera

These days photographers are more popular than many celebrities and the career option as a professional photographer is the dream of many. If we look from the learning perspective then yes, photography is a high earning career option.

But as a photographer, you need to move forward with the new trends and offer what is trending. So let’s have a look at some photography trend that you should not miss in the year 2020:


Almost everyone these days has a smartphone with amazing picture quality. The smartphone companies have made it easy for the people to capture as well as edit the pictures by offering features at a cost. Thomas says these days the phone camera is so amazing that even photographers use phones to capture pictures. So do not underestimate yourself, just use your talent and the technology available with you at your budget.

HDR Photography

Retro-Style Photography

Classic can never be out of trend, same is in the case of photography. Evolving from black and white to colored photography, people have again shifted and given preference to the black and white trend of photography.

Macro Photography

Macro- photography is a new trend where photographers click close-up photographs. If you wish to enter the advertisement world of photography then macro photography is what you need to master, especially in cosmetics advertisement photography.

Thomas Salzano Photography

Point and shoot size DSLRs

It’s the new camera options available in the market. The size of the camera these days is becoming smaller and nimbler. Photographers these days are attracted to this new point and shoot size DSLRs.


For big events, weddings and photography related to nature and wildlife photographers have shifted to the drone shoots. The new trend for 2020 is the drone shoot. It is a popular thing in the real estate industry. Videography is also easing with drones and is highly used by brokers, agents, and property owners to capture aerial images to give a better view of the property to their customers.


The concept of a selfie is popular all across the world, especially when we talk about photographs of popular platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Many software and camera brands have come up with different tools and techniques to filter and edit selfie. No doubt these editing tools are common among the youth and if you look at the picture quality, it’s amazing. With little efforts, great results can be seen in the pictures posted after being edited by using the free picture editing tools.

Thomas Salzano Mother nature photography

These are the new trends that you need to adapt to as a photographer. Also, for the aspiring photographer to start with photography is the best option. Photographers like Thomas Salzano advise the aspiring photographers to work on both their photography skills as well as the editing skills before they plan to step in the professional word.