Thomas Salzano: Amazing Bird Photography Tips

“To capture birds or to become a professional bird photographer the first thing you need to have is patience,” says Thomas Salzano, a popular bird photographer and a blogger. Capturing the moving objectives is always challenging and it’s a matter of luck if you get the first click the best one.

Other than that frequent change in strategy, excellent control on camera and knowledge about the bird you are planning to photograph are some important key points to become a professional bird photographer.

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In this post today, Thomas Salzano has shared some important tips that will help you capture birds and take you one step closer to becoming a good bird photographer.

  • It’s a myth that to be a professional bird photographer, you need expensive lenses

If you know the basics clearly and have good control of your camera you need not invest in lenses that are expensive just to look like a professional. Basic points that you need to consider while capturing a bird are background, quality and direction of the light, settings of your camera, proper exposure, your position as a photographer near the object/bird, composition, know what to capture etc. If you consider the above-mentioned points you can click great pictures even with your phone camera.

  • If required Borrow a long lens

The aspiring photographer who wishes to try and enhance their bird photography skills should initially start with a borrowed lens. Keeping the expenses low as a learner is a smart move and borrowing a lens or taking it on rent minimizes the expense.

  • Camera Settings

This is the important tip as the camera does wonders if properly used. Make sure of the following things:

  • Prefer a fast shutter speed to capture the birds
  • Use a fast frame release rate and fast frame release rate

Consider the natural light and avoid camera flash

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  • Let the Object be free

Never surround or scare the birds while you are around, you will never get a perfect short. Instead, if you slowly approach the bird and make them feel safe you will see the change in behaviour and will definitely get amazing shots.

  • Let go of your object and anticipate the behaviour

You must know the behaviour of the bird you are planning to capture. Then plan what you wish to capture like the beautiful wins or the face or the moment when the bird takes off. You will only be able to make the judgement of when to click and what to click if you know the subject’s behaviour.

These are some basic tips for aspiring bird photographers. There are more to the list, but before we move further with technical tips and tricks the basics should be clear. Patience is the key, says Thomas Salzano, so take your time, learn and read more about your profession to become a professional.