Thomas Salzano: Do’s and Don’t for Cleaning Your Camera Lens

“A new camera lens is so precious to a photographer, that he/she does everything to keep it clean and safe, especially when it’s your first expensive lens,” says Thomas Salzano, a professional photographer.

As an aspiring photographer, owning your own professional camera is great pride in itself. You require help and guidance to work with your camera and its setting. Followed by how to clean the lens on your own and protect it from any damage.

Today in this article, Thomas Salzano has shared simple tips and techniques on how to clean your camera lens without doing any damage to it. Let’s go through some do’s and don’t:

  • Use a blower to remove dust instead of blowing on it as your breath and saliva could increase condensation. The blower of the camera lens is easily available in the market.
  • Another best way to clean the dust on your camera lens is with a lens brush. Recommended brush type is one with camel hair, as the brush hair is thin and will be less harmful to the lens.
  • Do not use any liquid to clean the lens. Use a camera lens cleaner that is easily available in the market to clean the lens. Also, do not use more than 2-4 drops of lens cleaner to clean the lens.
  • Do not use a rough cloth to clean the lens. Also, opt for tissue or wipe it off with a microfiber lens cloth.
  • Avoid excess cleaning

These are the top five tips shared by Thomas Salzano on how to clean your camera lens. As an aspiring photographer, it is equally important to know how to clean your camera lens and handle your camera like a professional.