Thomas Salzano – How To Choose Your Best Images

Thomas Salzano is a professional photographer and is known for his photography skills. As a photographer, he feels that it’s not that easy to select the best photos from a collection of more than 50 photographers of the same event, person or moment.

Thomas says possibilities are high that if you click 1000 photographs and maybe 10 will be worth showing. This is a situation faced by every photographer and for aspiring photographers, this situation can be frustrating.

Thomas Salzano

So here are a few tips by Thomas on how to choose your best images and what should you concentrate on while the elimination process:

Think before you shoot. Decide the elements which you need in your photos.

Shooting needs concentration and before you start your shoot you need to decide and fix in your mind what is the shoot about. An example is a personal photoshoot, a nature shoot or it can be an event shoot.  When you know about your subject keep your 80% focus on the subject while covering the 20% with the other elements around the subject.

Don’t take so many in the first place

Resist yourself from clicking too many photos at one time. Click a few photos and see the results. To move closer towards your expected results guide the subject or more it whichever is your situation. After everything is adjusted wait for the right moments before pushing the shutter.

Too many pictures will confuse you and will not let you reach the desired outcome.

Pay attention to the frame of the photograph

Make sure that the frame of your photos isn’t cutting someone off.  Cutting does not only means the face but the strange spots like joints, elements that are captured in the background and a special focus on the elements you don’t want in the photo but are captured. Don’t crop the image directly in case of small errors, the suggestion here is to click another picture and see the difference.

 Eliminate similar photos

You may have photos that are similar to each other. They might be your good clicks but you can only keep one. This process of elimination will make your decision easy to select the best photos.

Zoom in the selected images and eliminate the blurry ones

You can’t fix blurry photos, so eliminate the blurry photos. Even a little blur photo is a direct rejection. When you develop these photos the bur is clearly visible so say no to blur. 

Don’t ignore the empty space

Poor execution can ruin a photo. So a quick glance is usually all you will need to spot this. Elements like water pipes, stain on the wall, unwanted people in the background, etc. are elements that can spoil the photograph. So pay a lot more attention to these small elements.

Last but not least is the editing skills, you need to see that which all pictures can be edited and what minor changes are required. Pay attention to all the photos before you wrap up the shoot. Take confirmation from the clients on some of the photos during the shoot. See that you are meeting up with their desired expectations and then add your expert advice and idea in it.