Thomas Salzano: Photography With Your Phone Camera

It’s not easy to carry a camera everywhere or it not necessary to own a camera to click amazing photographs. All you need is a good photography skill and a photography device like your phone and you are all set for capturing the best says Thomas Salzano a renowned photographer and a famous traveler.


Thomas Salzano as a travel photographer is aware of the limitations of carrying a camera and at times prefers clicking photographs from his phone. So here are a few tips from Thomas Salzano on mobile photography:

Clean the lens for crystal clear photographs

The lens of your phone is prone to dust, fingerprints marks and dirt. So make sure you clean the lens before you click a picture. A dirty lens will leave smudges, dust spots, and blurs the photography.

 Your subject needs to be sharp, so set the phone camera on focus

Sometimes the object does not look sharp so for that, your phone camera should stay on autofocus. To ensure that the subject is always in sharp focus, set your point manually.

The brightness level

Set the brightness (exposure) before you click a picture. Reduce the brightness to create a silhouette photo where your subject appears completely black.

Thomas Salzano Photography

Prefer using HDR (for evenly-Lit photos)

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and it allows you to capture detail in both the shadows and the highlights.

The portrait mode

This feature is easily available on the iPhone. This feature allows you to use depth-effect software to keep your foreground subject sharp while making the background look blurry.

The burst mode for incredible action shots

It is difficult to click the shutter button on time to capture the right action shot. The burst model will help you to capture such action shots. The camera takes around ten photos per second until you release your finger and the chance to miss the right shot decrease.

Keep your camera steady

Avoid the camera shakes but in bright light conditions, some slight camera movement usually isn’t a problem. Try to keep the camera steady so that you can click amazing pictures in dim light.

The rule of the third

The rule states that you should position the most important elements off-center rather than in the middle of the frame. This makes the composition easy and the iPhone camera has a handy tool to help you compose using the rule of third.

Leading lines for powerful image

Leading lines are lines that lead from the foreground to the background of the scene. To ensure the leading line create a sense of depth in your photo, frame the shot so that the line starts in the foreground.


Sometimes a simple photo can look amazing, a shot from a free-angle can turn out to be the desired shot. So keep experimenting with your photography skills to create great photographs.

These are some tips from Thomas Salzano that can help you create amazing photographs. So keep trying as photographs have no rules, it’s you who create them for yourself to be followed.