Thomas Salzano – The Indoor Photography Projects You Should Try

“Photography is all about creativity and technique,” says Thomas Salzano a passionate photographer and a blogger. Thomas keeps trying new techniques and projects to improve and enhance his photography skills. He is aware of the curiosity of aspiring photographers to try new projects and search for guidance for the same.

Thomas Salzano thought of sharing a few projects that the photographers can try:

  1. The water drop art: all you need to do is to suspend a container of liquid and let the drops fall through a small hole. The next step is to capture the resulting splash with the perfect timing of the shutter of your camera. The suggested flashgun set is the lowest power(1/128th) an aperture of f/22.
  1. Indoor splash shots: all you need is a clear water container, a colored background, and a tripod. Set the container and backdrop, then position the flash over the container. The suggested manual focus & exposure is -f/8, ISO200. Now set the shutter speed and drop the object into the water and fire the shutter as it hits.
  1. Try Smoke art: first, try and click some good smoke art photos, upload them in a document on photoshop. Now set the blending mode to screen & use warp transform to reshape it. 
  1. Objects in ice:  freeze any object like a flower in plastic containers in distilled water. The object may float, so try to weight them down to make sure that they freeze under the water.  Now after the object is frozen, place it on a white plate so that the light can bounce through from below. Click the photography by keeping the flashgun off to one side.
  1. Bokeh Bubbles: Bokeh can be created from small highlights, so fairy is perfect for this project. Keep the lights away from the object so that they will be out of focus. Position your subject, close to the camera and focus on it. Click the picture only when the lights look like cool colored bubbles.

The other projects which can be tried are still-life bokeh, refractive art, Fine-art food, and many more as an indoor photography project. “You can also create your own way to capture the perfect shot by experimenting and trying, again and again,” says, Thomas N Salzano who is currently working on Kitchen close-ups photographers while trying his new recipes.