Thomas Salzano: The Reasons Why Blogging is So Important for Photographers

Photography is a field that needs audience and exposure is what Thomas Salzano feels about photography. He feels that a blog is a perfect tool to reach out to your audience and connect with them through your talent and with a beautiful medium of blogging.

Thomas says “I am a blogger too” and being one I know the advantages and the amount of success blogging has brought to me. It gives you the opportunity to show who you are, what value you can provide to your audience or clients and what type of photography suits you.

Here are some reasons which Thomas Salzano feel are important for a photographer to know to start blogging:

Blogging is an easy and professional way to showcase your work

Build an attractive and comprehensive blog that highlights your best work that looks like a sort of online portfolio. You can use this platform to attract your audience and also showcase your work to your clients. People get to know about you and your work through your blogs which sets you free from the geographical boundaries to reach out to your audience.

 It will help you to build a strong fan following on social media

Nowadays people are active on social media and the youth shows a great interest in photography and blogs. People use social media to connect with the world and easy to get information has attracted many to the digital world. This digital world has given you a platform to present your talent and create a fan base. You can get recognized for your work by being active on social platforms and by being professional in your work.

Thomas Salzano

You can establish your personal brand through blogging

Blogging is a method of creating and establishing your personal brand. You can use your blogs as the best way to communicate with your clients by showing them your work and your projects. Moreover, the client are impressed by those who have a great fan following and are rated good by the audience. Once you create your own brand you will not need to run for work. 

You may get some unexpected opportunities on your way to become a blogger

 People keep changing careers and that is because of the opportunities they get in their life.

Blogging is an opportunity in itself as being a blogger is the most trending profession in today’s world. Many bloggers start working as a freelance writer as they develop an interest in writing during the journey of becoming a blogger. Photography bloggers can also become influencers and endorse different brands. You get recognized for your talent and appreciated for the way you present it on social platforms. 

Thomas Salzano photography

You will know where to improve

When you present your work through blogs on an open platform it is obvious to receive some negative comments as maybe someone dislikes your work. Take the suggestions and comments seriously only if they are repeating. You need to understand that there is always a scope to improve and for that, you need to reflect on your work. Sometimes it does happen with bloggers that they post something with a view that the audience will like it but it turns out to be wrong. This is okay just reflect on it once and change it if you feel like otherwise it normal to receive negative feedback on such platforms.

Blogs can help build SEO

Blogging is an important tool for photographers because it helps you to build SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Blogging demands visual appearance on searches and for that SEO comes into action. The point here is that Google cannot read our images but it can scan your words, and this is how you can drive traffic towards your site. So yes blog and good content is the need if you have a website.


Blogging is a professional way to connect with the world and people write blogs for their own good. Thomas says there is no rule that your blogs should revolve around your profession you can write a blog on your views about something or story that depicts your personality and anything that inspires you.

The main concern with blogging is that your information should be correct and should not hurt anyone emotionally or religiously. So dear photographers start your journey of being a blogger and share your talent with the world.