Thomas Salzano | Tip for Editing Nature Photographs

Nature Photographs

When we review a photo after it has been clicked the first reaction to the photography may be good but the second thought is that “the picture can be a bit better.” There are just 2 ways to get the desired effects in the photograph after the picture is clicked:

  • Click a new picture with a better angle.
  • Edit the picture and create a stunning image.

The best option will be to EDIT the photograph (especially if the picture is of nature) to create a stunning image within a few seconds.

Thomas Salzano passionate photographer

Here are some tips by Thomas Salzano, a famous backpacker and a professional photographer on how to edit the Nature Photographs:

#1. Crop and Straighten

The problem is with landscape photos, where you need to deal with the crooked horizons. So the first thing you need to focus on enhancing the nature photo and make sure that the photo is straight. Straighten the photo and crop it to improve your composition.

#2. Increase the whites and drop the blacks

If you feel that the picture is not lively enough than it can be due to low contrast. You can use the slider or a better option like the tone curve function to create a beautiful s-shape, which will give the same effects. This type of editing with more white will show a clear difference between your object and the background.

#3. Colour Adjustment

Pay attention to the simplicity of the photograph. For an amazing photograph try and limit the number of colors you include while editing. 3-4 colors are more than enough in a photo as per the suggestions of professionals.

The photo looks stunning if you work on  cleaning up your subject with a bit of healing and cloning. The final step while editing a photograph is a polished look and for that, you can try a subtle split tone as suggested by Thomas N Salzano  a passionate writer and a renowned photographer.