Thomas Salzano: Tips to Start Photography At Manual Mode On Your DSLR Camera

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“Today in the digital age, photographers love to own a costly DSLR camera,” says Thomas Salzano, a renowned shutterbug and motivational speaker. While beginners tend to prefer shooting with automatic modes, the experienced ones love to play with the technology and expose the best of their creativity.

Therefore, to help the new snap-shooters, Thomas Salzano shares some tips to start shooting at manual mode.

Here’s what he has to share:

  1. Aperture: It must be adjusted to minimize or maximize the f-stop. The larger is the f-hole, the darker will be the picture.
  2. Shutter Speed: Adjust the speed of the shutter. If the shutter speed is fast, the picture will be darker.
  3. ISO: ISO can be adjusted to control the effect of the exposure. If the ISO is higher, the image is brighter but also noisy or grainier. So, gain deep knowledge of this manual otherwise, you may spoil your captures.

Thomas Salzano further adds that there is no lie that one day the newbies have to shift to manual settings on DSLR camera to keep their photography alive. So, one must learn about these manual modes and start practising.