Thomas Salzano: Underwater Photography Tips for Photographers

“Underwater shoots in summers are the most exciting ones for a photographer, as that’s how you as a photographer get to enjoy the summers,” says Thomas Salzano, a famous photographer.

Photography and underwater shots are a challenging combination but the outcome is always fruitful. For beginners who are new to photography, it may seem a tough shoot but eventually, you will learn the skill of handling your camera underwater and calculation the shutter speed.

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Here are some tips shared by Thomas Salzano for the photographers planning to take an underwater photoshoot.

  • Get approximately within 12 inches closer to the subject as water reduces colour, sharpness and contrast.
  • Keep your camera flash at focused flash mode
  • Show your composition skills and adjust to the subject. Don’t force the subject to shift. Get low, shoot at an upwards angle.
  • Keeps the focus on the subject’s eyes.
  • Master your diving skills before you take any major project.
  • To get rid of backscatter suggestion is to buy an external flash/strobe and position it away from your camera housing underwater.
  • You can use auto white-balance when using a flash/strobe.
  • If you are shooting with natural light, prefer to shoot in 20ft of water or less, when the sun is behind you.

These are some simple tips that you as a photographer must follow during an underwater shoot. Thomas Salzano says, “it’s important to figure out all the safety measures for yourself, your camera and your subject before you start with the shoot.”